Vortex Pendant


The vortex design symbolizes the swirling energies that exist throughout our world. Many people believe that vortexes are energy hubs where the spiritual world and physical world combine. Our pendants fuse your loved ones ashes into a unique vortex that symbolizes the connection and love shared beyond this physical world. The pendant will stay close to your heart, just like your loved one.

Please include First and Last name.

We can mix any remaining ashes into an additional special mini signature blown glass hanging star for just $69.99. If you’d like to add a Mini Hanging Star to your order, please select a color below.

If you’d like the remaining ashes sent back to you, due to USPS law, we must mail them back in a separate express mailer. The customer is responsible for covering the postage which will be similar in price to when they originally paid to have the ashes mailed to Remember Me Glass.

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