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Our Story

a man and woman sitting in a chair with two dogs

It all started with Harper…

In early 2023 one of Jeffrey’s closest friends, Nick, lost his lab, Harper. Nick got Harper when he was in college, and the pair were inseparable. She was there from the early days of dating his wife, getting married, their first family home, three children and every one of life’s milestones in between. She was an incredible dog and the most loyal family member. Jeffrey wanted to create something truly special for Nick and his family. A glass memorial that would be worthy of his longtime companion. It was then that he had the idea of incorporating ashes into glass art to create beautiful memorials worthy of the life they represent. Remember Me Glass at its core is about celebrating the life of a loved one in a unique and beautiful way.

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The Artist

Jeffrey Auxer started his training in Venetian glassmaking at Salisbury University. His senior year he decided to take a glassblowing class as a fun elective but what started as a carefree fun class quickly became a full-blown passion. In 2009 Jeffrey opened his own gallery and studio, Jeffrey Auxer Designs, in Berlin, Maryland and his passion for glassblowing quickly developed into a successful art career. Over the years Jeffrey’s career has presented an array of opportunities and challenges that have allowed him to explore many facets of the 2,000-year-old art form and develop a portfolio that includes countless fine art installations, one of a kind trophies, and larger-than-life chandeliers.