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Our Process

Memorial Glass Art – Our Process

It is important to work with a skilled and experienced glass artist who specializes in creating memorial glass art. Our small family of artists devote special attention to handling all cremated remains in a respectful and proper manner. We can guide you through the process and help you choose a design that best represents your loved one or beloved pet’s personality to create a lasting tribute that serves as a physical reminder of a life well lived. Our unique process takes experienced hands to unite individual expression with emotion to create art that honors their memory.

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Step 1 – The Making of a Star

We carefully sift through the ashes to pull only the finest particles to blend in your custom mixture of molten glass. This molten glass is added from the 2100° furnace along with dichroic glass which is designed to change colors under different lighting conditions and viewing angles.

a close up of a glass object on a stick
Step 2

The sifted ashes are then added to the art from an initial matched tray so there is no confusion about which ashes are being blended into each piece. The glass is then twisted and formed into a star shape.

an orange glass star ornament being held by a person
Step 3

The art is then heated in a reheating chamber to make it more pliable so we can use our glass shears to pull it into an even tighter shape. The piece is cooled before adding more glass to the furnace. The glass must be pliable and shaped symmetrically before we add it to the star mold and gently pull out the star points. 

a close up of a glass object with a long handle
Step 4

The finishing touches include applying a neck line to separate the star. Lastly, it is placed in our kiln where it will cool slowly overnight.